The Yacht-Master Is Now Rolex Most Innovative Watch.

Watches and Wonders are upon us, which means we get a bevy of new watches, but none more highly anticipated or debated over than the new watches from Rolex. This year was a big one for the brand, with some notable updates and discontinuations, but none was as significant or impactful as the newest Yacht-Master.┬áThisContinue reading “The Yacht-Master Is Now Rolex Most Innovative Watch.”

Introducing the New Nomos Club Sport neomatik 42

Nomos has just introduced their most versatile and sporty timepiece yet. This is the Nomos Club Sport neomatik 42 date with a galvanized sunburst blue dial and integrated steel bracelet. The 42mm stainless steel case will look familiar to fans of the brand and is elegant and fully polished but also very durable with 1000ftContinue reading “Introducing the New Nomos Club Sport neomatik 42”

Rolex Has Found a Solution to the “Rolex Problem.” Boredom.

Watches and Wonders is upon us, which means there are countless new watches to get excited about. Many of the most important watch brands will be showing off their latest timepieces, but none of them garners as much attention as Rolex. The funny thing is, almost in spite of all the hype, Rolex is notoriouslyContinue reading “Rolex Has Found a Solution to the “Rolex Problem.” Boredom.”

Is the New Omega Speedmaster Professional Too Enthusiast Focused?

On the first “Speedy Tuesday” of the year, Omega announced a major upgrade to the Speedmaster Professional “Moonwatch.” This is a watch that Omega doesn’t update often, and this particular update was the biggest in decades. Most notably, the new reference 310. has a Master Chronometer certified Co-Axial movement, a new bracelet, and some greatContinue reading “Is the New Omega Speedmaster Professional Too Enthusiast Focused?”

Rolex 2020 Releases

So, Rolex released some new watches this last week. Let’s dig in. I’m not going to get into the weeds with specs and measurements. If you want that kind of article, there are a lot of them. I’m guessing that if you’re reading this take on the new releases, it’s because you’ve finished what theContinue reading “Rolex 2020 Releases”