Introducing the New Nomos Club Sport neomatik 42

Nomos has just introduced their most versatile and sporty timepiece yet. This is the Nomos Club Sport neomatik 42 date with a galvanized sunburst blue dial and integrated steel bracelet. The 42mm stainless steel case will look familiar to fans of the brand and is elegant and fully polished but also very durable with 1000ftContinue reading “Introducing the New Nomos Club Sport neomatik 42”

Rolex Has Found a Solution to the “Rolex Problem.” Boredom.

Watches and Wonders is upon us, which means there are countless new watches to get excited about. Many of the most important watch brands will be showing off their latest timepieces, but none of them garners as much attention as Rolex. The funny thing is, almost in spite of all the hype, Rolex is notoriouslyContinue reading “Rolex Has Found a Solution to the “Rolex Problem.” Boredom.”

Is the New Omega Speedmaster Professional Too Enthusiast Focused?

On the first “Speedy Tuesday” of the year, Omega announced a major upgrade to the Speedmaster Professional “Moonwatch.” This is a watch that Omega doesn’t update often, and this particular update was the biggest in decades. Most notably, the new reference 310. has a Master Chronometer certified Co-Axial movement, a new bracelet, and some greatContinue reading “Is the New Omega Speedmaster Professional Too Enthusiast Focused?”

Rolex 2020 Releases

So, Rolex released some new watches this last week. Let’s dig in. I’m not going to get into the weeds with specs and measurements. If you want that kind of article, there are a lot of them. I’m guessing that if you’re reading this take on the new releases, it’s because you’ve finished what theContinue reading “Rolex 2020 Releases”

Real American Watchmaking: Weiss Watch Company

American watchmaking has been a fairly recent fascination of mine. I’ve always considered myself patriotic but the American watchmaking scene is small and consists mostly of American assembled watches rather than true artisanal watchmaking. However there is a brand I’ve been following that is changing that. Weiss watch company is leading the charge on aContinue reading “Real American Watchmaking: Weiss Watch Company”

A New Watch Blog in Town

Recently I’ve been asked to contribute to a new blog from the folks at European Watch Company. European Watch Company has been a premier watch dealer for over twenty years and while they’re getting into the content game a little late I’m excited they did. The blog is called The Collective and will feature allContinue reading “A New Watch Blog in Town”

Entry Points | Roue TPS

Roue watches guiding principle is to bring the great designs of the past into the modern era. They look at designs from brands like Porsche and Braun in the ’60s and ’70s for inspiration and you can see that in their watches. The brand also focuses on making their watches affordable. For less than aContinue reading “Entry Points | Roue TPS”

The New Rado Captain Cook Automatic Bronze

Introducing the Rado Captian Cook Bronze, three new additions to the already popular Rado Captain Cook automatic watch line. The main difference between this watch and the existing automatic is Rado’s use of bronze. But of course, the “Master of Materials” couldn’t use just any bronze, they’re using a special mixture of bronze called aluminumContinue reading “The New Rado Captain Cook Automatic Bronze”

A Watch Built for Two

I recently became aware of the concept of a shared watch. In reading HODINKEE’s “The Watch I Wore Most in 2019” Jason Heaton, Editor-at-Large, talked about his Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe LE for HODINKEE. The sentence that caught my eye was: “Since then, it’s been on my wrist weekly and when I’m not wearing it,Continue reading “A Watch Built for Two”

The Collectors Journey

Over the years in learning about watches I’ve heard people mention the arc, or journey of a watch enthusiast and how our taste change over time. That got me reflecting on my own journey as a watch enthusiast and I was surprised at how much my taste in watches has evolved over the years. ManyContinue reading “The Collectors Journey”

Oris Takes a Step into the Future

I love seeing design stolen from one industry and transplanted into another. It creates an originality that’s hard to achieve when looking for inspiration in your current sector. Watches do this a lot with the automotive and aviation industry. Think Autodromo’s racing-inspired watches or IWC’s Big Pilot, seemingly taken straight out of a cockpit. RightContinue reading “Oris Takes a Step into the Future”

Watch Jargon 101

If you’re new to watches, there are likely a lot of terms and phrases you hear that you don’t understand. I’m not new to watches, and I’m still constantly googling things I hear or read on watch blogs. To make things a little easier, here is a list of jargon with some simple definitions toContinue reading “Watch Jargon 101”

Hot Ones Watch Hall of Fame

If you’ve never seen Hot Ones you’re missing out. It is hands down the best talk show out right now. The show is a web series on Youtube created by Chris Schonberger and hosted by Sean Evans. It entails Evans interviewing celebrities while consuming progressively hot buffalo wings. It may sound immature, but the extremelyContinue reading “Hot Ones Watch Hall of Fame”

New Vintage and Faux Patina

My biggest pet peeve in watches right now is also, unfortunately, one of the biggest trends in watches. My pet peeve is with new vintage watches, or at least the way most companies do new vintage. It’s also a somewhat confusing trend because it contradicts the watch community’s sentiments towards vintage watches. When most companiesContinue reading “New Vintage and Faux Patina”

Watches and Nicknames

I’m not quite sure why, but watches get nicknamed a lot, vintage and new alike. Some get nicknames hours after they’re released, others years after when they get associated with someone or something famous. Maybe it’s to help us dial back all the reference number jargon, maybe it shows how personal these little clocks areContinue reading “Watches and Nicknames”

Hidden Gems | Gold

This is Hidden Gems, a feature I will do periodically on interesting watches that are available to buy. I’ll try to make sure all watches listed are still currently for sale, and I’m also going to try to stick to a loose theme. The theme this week? Gold. This first watch is an icon inContinue reading “Hidden Gems | Gold”

Weekly Round up

This is a roundup of some of the best watch content around the web from the last week. This week is a good balance of entertaining and informative. There is also a great line up of new watches that are great looking and affordable. First is GQ’s best watches of the week, they publish aContinue reading “Weekly Round up”

The Tudor Black Bay P01 Is the Best Investment Watch

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Santayana Well, what if we want to repeat the past? Watch aficionados, collectors, and investors in general like John Mayer and Kevin O’leary are always trying to predict what watches make the best investment. What future classics are lurking unsuspectingly in the contemporary watchContinue reading “The Tudor Black Bay P01 Is the Best Investment Watch”

Mainplate & Bridge

Welcome to Mainplate & Bridge. This is a blog for watch lovers. I’ve been reading about and obsessing over wrist watches for over two decades now. I still have a lot to learn but man do I love these little clocks. I’ll write about what I like, and what I think. I’m happy to helpContinue reading “Mainplate & Bridge”

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