The New Rado Captain Cook Automatic Bronze

Blue Bezel variant Image from Rado

Introducing the Rado Captian Cook Bronze, three new additions to the already popular Rado Captain Cook automatic watch line. The main difference between this watch and the existing automatic is Rado’s use of bronze. But of course, the “Master of Materials” couldn’t use just any bronze, they’re using a special mixture of bronze called aluminum bronze or CuAl. This type of bronze uses aluminum as the main alloying metal as apposed to copper and tin in standard bronze. This makes the case metal especially resistance to discoloration and oxidation, or patina to us watch nerds. This is either good or bad news depending on who you talk to as part of the appeal of bronze is the unique look and speed it ages with. As someone that’s always been slightly concerned about how fast a standard bronze watch would go from cool patina to unusable crown and bezel, I find it comforting. As for the choice to go bronze, in general, I love it, I wish more watches were bronze. Something about the metal has always struck me as the more rugged lovable working man’s gold. Beautiful and warm in glow yet unpretentious and tough. I think it’s an especially romantic material for a dive watch because of it’s connection to other maritime tools. The bezel is ceramic and comes in three colors green, blue, and brown which all match the watches dial. I’m a sucker for an odd bezel or dial colorway, which explains my love of Zodiac, and I really like the brown watch in this line-up. The brown and bronze complement each other perfectly and also make the watch look right at home on the brown leather strap. This brings me to my only gripe with the watch, the leather strap. But it’s not what you think, I don’t mind a dive watch on a leather strap. I have a 16610 that I throw on a nice leather strap from time to time. Its that it doesn’t also come with a rubber strap. As this model is mostly an aesthetic update added to the Cook automatic watch line it is still a fully capable tool watch with a screw-down crown and 300m water resistance. With a capable tool watch, I want to know that with a simple strap change I can be beach ready! Yes I could just buy one aftermarket and I know it’s a trivial thing to complain about but half of talking about watches is complaining about or rejoicing over tiny details. Overall I think it’s a great addition from Rado and love the way they implemented the use of bronze. The watch will be available in April online and from Rado retailers at $2,410. 

Full Specs 

MovementSelf-Winding ETA C07; hour, minute and running seconds; date; 80-hour power reserve

Case42mm 12.5 mm thick brushed CuAl bronze, water-resistant to 300m with titanium caseback 

StrapLeather with bronze buckle

MSRP – $2,410 


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