Introducing the New Nomos Club Sport neomatik 42

Nomos has just introduced their most versatile and sporty timepiece yet. This is the Nomos Club Sport neomatik 42 date with a galvanized sunburst blue dial and integrated steel bracelet. The 42mm stainless steel case will look familiar to fans of the brand and is elegant and fully polished but also very durable with 1000ft of water resistance. However while the dial layout and case are familiar the sporty three-link bracelet is totally new and was designed specifically for this watch. Most Nomos watches come on straps and the ones that do come on bracelets aren’t nearly as sporty or oyster-esque as this.

The other big update here is the gorgeous dial. The galvanized blue sunburst pattern has a deep rich color meant to evoke images of deep ocean water. The coloring is spot on and I think Nomos introducing this new sportier steel bracelet on a watch with a blue dial is a pretty good call. There might not be a more desirable category of watch right now than stainless steel sports watches with blue dials and there’s a reason for that. Its a damn good look.

The back side of the watch is almost as good looking as the front. Inside beats the beautifully finished yet durable and reliable in-house caliber DUW 6101 which has a 42 hour power reserve and a bidirectional quick set date function. The movement is fully visible through the display caseback and is finished at an exceptionally high standard considering the watch’s $3,960 price tag.

I’ve always been a fan of Nomos and their Bauhaus design language, but they’re just never had an offering that checked all the boxes for me. This new bracelet fixes that. Its a beautiful watch with an in-house movement a versatile and durable design and a reasonable price tag. This watch would make a great daily wearer and is serious contender worthy of going up against the likes of the Omega Aqua Terra, Rolex Oyster Perpetual, and Tudor 41. It also has amazing potential as the base for an entirely new watch line. I think this watch will drastically widen the appeal for the brand and push it fully into the mainstream. The watch world should be on notice, Nomos has entered the chat.


Published by David Klint

Husband, Dad, writer, and watch enthusiast.

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