Entry Points | Vostok Amphibia

If you’re a watch enthusiast I don’t need to tell you that the hobby can be misunderstood. The uninitiated can view it as stuffy, something reserved for wrinkly old rich white dudes with too much money to spend. People who are passionate about watches know better. It’s not about the money, it’s about high-level craftsmanship,Continue reading “Entry Points | Vostok Amphibia”

Oris Takes a Step into the Future

I love seeing design stolen from one industry and transplanted into another. It creates an originality that’s hard to achieve when looking for inspiration in your current sector. Watches do this a lot with the automotive and aviation industry. Think Autodromo’s racing-inspired watches or IWC’s Big Pilot, seemingly taken straight out of a cockpit. RightContinue reading “Oris Takes a Step into the Future”