Watches and Nicknames

I’m not quite sure why, but watches get nicknamed a lot, vintage and new alike. Some get nicknames hours after they’re released, others years after when they get associated with someone or something famous. Maybe it’s to help us dial back all the reference number jargon, maybe it shows how personal these little clocks areContinue reading “Watches and Nicknames”

Hidden Gems | Gold

This is Hidden Gems, a feature I will do periodically on interesting watches that are available to buy. I’ll try to make sure all watches listed are still currently for sale, and I’m also going to try to stick to a loose theme. The theme this week? Gold. This first watch is an icon inContinue reading “Hidden Gems | Gold”

The Infamous Domino’s Rolex

No, that’s not a fake Rolex. It’s also not third-party customization. That is a 100% real Domino’s Rolex. It’s not common now, but Rolex used to make a lot of custom dials with company logos, military insignias, club logos, and oddly enough Middle Eastern rulers’ signatures. Most of these watches are from the 1950s toContinue reading “The Infamous Domino’s Rolex”

The Tudor Black Bay P01 Is the Best Investment Watch

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Santayana Well, what if we want to repeat the past? Watch aficionados, collectors, and investors in general like John Mayer and Kevin O’leary are always trying to predict what watches make the best investment. What future classics are lurking unsuspectingly in the contemporary watchContinue reading “The Tudor Black Bay P01 Is the Best Investment Watch”